Billing Services

Providing Excellent Service to our Physicians 

Our mission as a concierge billing company is to maximize physician practices’ bottom lines. To accomplish this goal, we hand-pick our clients and partner with them to look at their Practice as a whole - that is, beyond the billing. Since we provide a wide range of physician services, we have the expertise to help physicians make their business as profitable as possible. The overlap of consulting expertise and knowledge of health plan contracts ties in naturally with billing because we know the exact fees that need to be collected for every procedure that is performed and for every contracted payor insurance. We have a proven track record with hundreds of physician practices, providing each with excellent service.


Best in Class: Loading the Contract Allowed Amounts

We work with our practices to negotiate the best allowed amounts, but we don’t stop there. We load those contract allowed amounts into the Practice Management system and then run reports on a regular basis on any discrepancies between expected and actual paid amounts. Unlike every other billing company with which we’ve ever worked, we don’t just post payments in a vacuum – we make sure physicians are paid according to their health plan contracts.


Outsourcing - How We are Better than In-House Billing

In-house billers are a burden to a physician practice because of the Human Resource issues:  hiring, firing, benefits, continuing education, performance review, etc.  In addition, practices have the annual expense of updating coding materials and training for the biller(s), and keeping on the forefront of technology (hardware and software).

As industry trends change, we stay informed and up-to-date with the latest technology through our exposure and work with hundreds of consulting clients, and bring that experience to our consulting and billing clients.  


Our Expertise Provides

  Coding - our Certified Professional Coders accurately capture all charges for any patient encounter.
  Practice Management Software - we operate a variety of billing platforms, working with each Practice to find the
       best billing platform to meet their needs.
  Security - we provide our clients with a scanner and eBridge service for sharing secured documents between your
       Practice and our office/staff. We also use ProtectedTrust for encrypted email when PHI is on reports and
  Detailed Reports - our monthly reports include Payment Details, Insurance A/R Aging, Patient A/R Aging Details,
       and Contract Allowable Exception Report. Additional detailed are provided on a quarterly and annual schedule.
  Consulting Expertise - we stay on top of the ever-changing payor and regulatory landscape, providing our
       clients with the information they need to remain compliant and current.