CPC Class CEU Education


Continuing Education (CE)

Coders, like all healthcare professionals, are obligated to stay current in their profession.  Maintain your edge and your professional coding certificate through regular continuing education.  Our On-Demand courses have been CEU Approved by AAPC and will count for your continuing education requirements.  

Each course consists of a streaming video taught by Marcia Brauchler.  Each course is accompanied by a comprehensive exam created to provide additional assistance on the tested material while maximizing your CE credits. 


Coding Class


Continuing Education Courses Available:

History of Medicine, Physician Training & Medical Coding (2 CEUs)

Goals of Training:
We start with a review of ancient medicine, and learn about the father of modern medicine (Hippocrates) and those who first wrote medical text books and revolutionized the clinical research process. We learn about the evolution of the practice of medicine from the use of anesthesia, to the invention of important medical technologies. 

There are medical professions today that didn’t even exist 20 years ago. Having a history of the evolution of the field gives Coders an awareness of their place in the profession of medicine. 

To be successful doing business with physicians, we must have an appreciation for the training of the physician. 

We review the history of coding, from ICD-9 to the 4th edition of CPT.


Calculating Medicare Payments (1 CEU)

Goals of Training:
The goal of this course is to further the coder’s understanding and comfort in determining what reimbursements they should expect from Medicare. Learning and practicing how to calculate Medicare payments serves as a great baseline for almost all other payers. This course will review Resource Based Relative Value Scales including exceptions as well as Relative Value Units and Advance Beneficiary Notices. It will step coders through practice problems to ensure currency in Medicare payment calculations.

CPC Class

Become a Certified Professional Coder (CPC) by completing the 20 module course and passing the CPC exam.

The CPC credential is the gold standard for medical coding.  Through this course, you'll know how to assign the correct diagnosis, procedure and supply codes for a medical practice.  CPCs are critical to compliant and profitable medical practices and typically earn 20% more than non-certified coders. Apply the knowledge you receive in this course and secure your future in the medical industry. 

About the Course

CPC Details

One Module is offered each week:
Module 1:    The Business of Medicine
Module 2:    Medical Terminology & Anatomy Review
Module 3:    Introduction to ICD-9
Module 4:    ICD-9 Coding Chapters 1 - 9
Module 5:    ICD-9 Coding Chapters 10 +
Module 6:    Introduction to CPT Coding, Surgery Guidelines, HCPCS & Modifiers
Module 7:    Integumentary System
Module 8:    Musculoskeletal System
Module 9:    Respiratory, Hemic, Lymphatic, Mediastinum, Diaphragm
Module 10:   Cardiovascular System
Module 11:   Digestive System
Module 12:   Urinary System & Male Genital System
Module 13:   Reproductive Systems, Female Genital System & Maternity
Module 14:   Endocrine System & Nervous System
Module 15:   Eye & Ocular Adnexa, Auditory Systems
Module 16:   Anesthesia
Module 17:   Radiology
Module 18:   Pathology & Laboratory
Module 19:   Evaluation & Management
Module 20:   Medicine


Online CPC Prep Exam can be completed as your schedule demands.  Post tests are provided for each of the 20 modules.