Our Philosophy

We see physicians for who they truly are: intelligent, hard-working entrepreneurs, who love providing patient care. That’s why we represent physicians with a passion and commitment that is unmatched in the marketplace.

Too often, doctors are under-valued and out-leveraged in the healthcare supply chain. With Physicians’ Ally, you’ll never again have to feel like “the little guy.”

We’ll work together to level the playing field with insurance plans and make sure your needs are met. We know the questions to ask, the data to gather, and the right points of contact at each insurer.

Physicians’ Ally can help you:

  Negotiate optimal contracts with payors
  Ensure your compliance with government regulations
  Operate your practice more profitably


Did you realize…

Health plan contracts drive the majority of revenue in most medical practices? Your largest revenue stream should be continually monitored by reimbursement professionals. This frees your administrator to focus on day-to-day management issues and expense controls.

Physicians manage a majority of the health-care dollar, but receive only a fraction as reimbursement for their services? Physicians’ Ally can help you package and present a compelling case for obtaining higher compensation from insurers.

Most MBA-credentialed practice administrators require a six-figure salary? With our outsourced services, you access the same expertise on an as-needed, pay-as-you-go basis.

Most practices neglect to capture all charges for services performed? With our up-to-the-minute coding expertise, you’ll be paid in full for your services. Never again leave money on the table!

A typical HIPAA violation costs thousands of dollars to defend? And regulators have begun scrutinizing even small private practices. Let Physicians’ Ally bring your practice into compliance quickly and easily with our HIPAA templates, tools and training.

Partnering with Physicians’ Ally keeps your business revenue at the center of attention. With professional monitoring of your practice, you’ll gain peace of mind and the freedom to focus on patient care.