Continuing Education

Continuing Education

Our Story...

The American Academy of Professional Coders (AAPC) states, “Health care professionals are obligated to stay current in their profession.” We will help you maintain your coding edge so you can maximize the revenues to your practice and your professional excellence. Our on-demand courses are taught by a nationally recognized expert, Marcia Brauchler, who earned the CPC in 2002, hospital-level certification (CPC-H) in 2004, and instructor certification (CPC-I) in 2010. Ms. Brauchler, founder and president of Physicians’ Ally, Inc., has used her 19 years of consulting insights from hundreds of physician practices when creating these units that are AAPC-approved for Continuing Education Units (CEUs).

AAPC requires a minimum of 30 hours (increasing with additional specialty certifications) for all of the currently-certified CPCs. It used to be allowable for continuing education of any type to qualify, but several years ago, AAPC required that only AAPC-approved hours be allowed for recertification. As a licensed AAPC instructor, Physicians’ Ally, Inc. gets unlimited certification CE ‘index’ numbers, which normally cost $125 per request. To date, Physicians’ Ally, Inc. has created two CE courses, which are available on the Moodles site.

About Our CEU Courses...

Our hours of instructing for the entire CPC-Exam-Preperation courses has spawned individual modules of Continuing Education courses that are available in shorter time increments (eg, 30 or 60 minutes) for those coders who need CE units to maintain their CPC credential.

The professionally-edited video of the lecture material is available online, with the PowerPoint slides, other handouts, and post-test questions.

These CE units were created to be convenient and straightforward, and to give the coder expertise to build a career (not just maintain the credential).