Our Story...

Physicians’ Ally, Inc. began as a health care consulting firm specializing in contract negotiations for physicians against insurance companies over 18 years ago. This is certainly a unique niche in the physician consulting industry.

Physicians’ Ally, Inc. advocates for physician practices and attempts to level the playing field with insurance companies by utilizing our years of experience and expertise with payor contracts and fee schedules.

Health plan contracts drive the majority of the revenue to the practice and should be continually monitored by reimbursement professionals. We assist practices with defining and often improving the revenue side of their business. This allows your practice administrator to focus on day-to-day management issues and expense controls.

Throughout the engagement, Physicians’ Ally, Inc. offers other intangible benefits which may include: fee schedule development, credentialing, charge capture of supplies and other revenue sources plus coding expertise.

We represent physicians with a passion and commitment that is unmatched in the marketplace.

What We Do...

The Account Executives at Physicians’ Ally, Inc. are highly-qualified individuals, each of whom are assigned several client accounts. They become the main point of contact throughout health plan negotiations. Our Account Executives have Master’s level educations or equivalent work experience in physician practice management and maintain strong networks of resources to stay current on the rapid changes in health care.

Our professional affiliations include: the American Association of Professional Coders; Colorado Medical Group Management Association; Medical Group Management Association; National Association for Healthcare Quality; Health Care Compliance Association; Rotary Clubs; and the University of Colorado at Denver, Health Administration program.

How to get Started...

Physicians’ Ally, Inc. will work collaboratively with your practice throughout the engagement. Clients begin by signing a standard Consulting Agreement with Physicians’ Ally, Inc. and providing requested data, which includes reports like: payor mix, frequency count of CPT codes, fee schedule, etc.

Simply call us at (303) 586-9390 or email at We will follow up with you within 1-2 business days.


Marta De La Torre, FACHE,
Chief Administrative Officer
Boston MFM, LLC

Physicians' Ally, Inc. was originally hired to help our practice determine the financial impact to our revenue stream if we left our PHO to contract directly with payers. They did a fantastic job researching the market and presenting the analytics in a format that was understandable; enabling our group to make an informed decision that was best for us. We were so impressed with Physicians' Ally, Inc., we promptly asked for their assistance to negotiate payer contracts in a different state where we established a new practice. Their negotiations resulted in very satisfactory rates for our specialty. Our group is planning another practice in a different state so we have again asked Physicians' Ally, Inc. for assistance. I highly recommend them to any organization of any size that is considering changes to their payer contracts or expanding in new directions.

Ellen Euser, Billing Manager
Platte River Medical Clinic & Advanced Urgent Care

Working with Physicians’ Ally, Inc. has been a fantastic experience. The staff at Physicians’ Ally, Inc. help you step by step in the contract negotiations. The partnership and learning opportunities that come from the process are priceless. We just finished renegotiating our family practice contracts and we are now ready to start on our urgent care contracts. Collaborating with Physician’ Ally was one of the best decisions our clinic has ever made.

David P. VanSickle, MD, PhD
South Denver Neurosurgery

We just moved our practice from a hospital employment model to fully private practice. Through contracting and improved coding accuracy, Physicians’ Ally, Inc. was able to more than double the previous collection rate.

Kevin Watson, Administrator
Colorado ENT & Allergy

I wished I’d called them sooner! Physicians’ Ally, Inc. has a tremendous understanding of the contracting marketplace. I firmly believe no individual practice manager could duplicate it. Even with over 17 years of healthcare experience, I now realize there was much I didn’t know. My recent interactions with the contracting team at Physicians’ Ally, Inc. demonstrated they know:

  • The right people at the highest level of the health plans to get the best answers.
  • Acceptable terms of payor agreements from revenue per code to contract language.
  • The organizational and analytical skills required to successfully navigate the negotiation process.

Our decision to utilize Physicians’ Ally, Inc. has definitely resulted in a high return on investment!

Theodore H. Stathos, MD
Rocky Mountain Pediatric Gastroenterology

Our practice has worked with Physicians’ Ally, Inc. for over 10 years to negotiate our revenue contracts with payors and we will continue to do so in the future. In these rapidly changing times of healthcare, I feel it's very important to stay one step ahead of insurance contracts and maintain an aggressive approach to negotiations. Physicians' Ally, Inc. has allowed us to do this quite effectively over the last 10 years. The relationship has been extremely successful. I can honestly say that our increased profitability via Physicians’ Ally, Inc. contracts has helped to put my 3 children through college.