Our Story...

Physicians’ Ally, Inc. has its origins in contract negotiation. Payor contracts, however, are only valuable if implemented correctly. We know it takes expertise to ensure contracts are engaged successfully and monitored in an ongoing basis for the practice.

We don’t want to compete with in-house or other third-party billing companies. We are a boutique billing company specializing in full revenue cycle management where our level of expertise is warranted for specialty clients or contracts that require our level of insight.

Why Physicians’ Ally, Inc. for Billing?

Do you know that you’re getting every penny allowed under your payor agreements? Physicians’ Ally, Inc. will know! We don’t post payments in a vacuum; our contracting expertise allows us to quickly identify and rectify payment problems. Our billing clients have an edge in contract negotiations, since we have detailed knowledge of the practice.

Is regulatory compliance important to you? Physicians’ Ally, Inc.’s founder, Marcia Brauchler, MPH, FACMPE, is a nationally recognized speaker on regulatory compliance. She is a certified coding instructor and has authored our Compliance Policies & Procedures for Medical Practices manual. Because we are experts on the many federal regulations that apply to physician practices, we pass that knowledge on to our billing clients.

Can you get the management reports you need to run your practice? Physicians’ Ally, Inc. performs billing services in whatever practice management system the client selects. Our diversity of experience brings value to our clients, and results in our ability to pull custom reports across any system. As practice management consultants, we know the data you will need and can assist you with the analysis necessary to make sure your revenue cycle is operating at an efficient level across all components of a medical practice.

Are you worried about HIPAA violations by your Business Associates? As national experts on HIPAA, we will work with you practice limiting your exposure as a Covered Entity under HIPAA. We have proven methods of exchanging protected health information securely and conveniently for your practice. Our philosophy on billing services is: A physician practice gets more than they are paying for from a true partner in the revenue cycle. We raise the bar on billing service performance.

Getting started...

Call our office (303) 586-9390 or email info@physicians-ally.com to begin the discussion.