Our Story...

We focus on the Revenue side of your practice. Because we are good at generating unexpected/latent revenue, we want to make sure that revenue stays with your practice. Compliance errors, penalties and fines can destroy the hard-fought gains of winning contracts.  

Compliance is an investment in your practice’s future profitability and your peace of mind. Commercial insurance agreements obligate the physician to dozens of areas of compliance. When signing, you are stating you are in compliance with a ton of things that we know most practices don’t have under control, such as: Privacy, Medical Necessity, Americans with Disabilities Act, Stark laws, etc.

Our Compliance Solution

Since “Compliance” is an unfunded mandate, we created a Compliance Plan for less than 2 hours of a typical lawyer’s time. We wanted the price to be a no-brainer. Our Compliance Plan covers the 7 elements of a Small Group or Third Party Billing Company which aligns with the compliance plan outlined by the Office of the Inspector General in 2000. Voluntary compliance programs are ending. Under the Patient Protection & Affordable Care Act of 2010, Congress mandated compliance for physicians in order to participate in Medicare (although the time frame for this is still undetermined by the feds). In short, our Compliance Plan addresses all of the major obligations required by your commercial insurance contracts, as well as the federal regulations that now exist for medical practices.


Daryl Smith, FACMPE , Surgery Division Administrator
Central Utah Clinic, P.C.

The Compliance solutions offered by Physicians’ Ally, Inc. are a great way to build or improve a compliance program. The policies and procedures are thorough and on target. With the ever-increasing attention to the legal obligations of a practice, this program is an essential step towards that goal.