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We focus on the Revenue side of your Practice. Because we are good at generating unexpected/latent revenue, we want to make sure that revenue stays with your practice. Compliance errors, penalties and fines can destroy the hard-fought gains of winning contracts. Recent studies reveal that 62% of small businesses with a HIPAA breach, email phishing attack, or ransomware penetration, are likely to go out of business within 6 months!

Compliance is an investment in your practice’s future profitability and your peace of mind. Commercial and governmental insurance agreements obligate the physician to dozens of compliance obligations such as: Privacy, Medical Necessity, Americans with Disabilities Act, Stark laws, etc. It is challenging to stay on top of all these regulations.

HIPAA compliance is an every day, every hour obligation. HHS data shows that private practice physician offices are the #1 source of HIPAA breaches. Not by intent, most by accident, yet the damage in penalties and fines can wipe out a medical practice.

Our Compliance Solutions

  • Compliance Policies & Procedures for Medical Practices

  • HIPAA Outpatient Practice Policies & Procedures
    • HIPAA Online Staff Training

  • OSHA Medical Practice Policies & Procedures
    • OSHA Online Staff Training

  • HIPAA Compliance for Business Associates

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HIPAA, OSHA, & Compliance Support

Once a purchase of our compliance manuals and/or online trainings occurs, your Practice is entered into our customer database. This begins an important relationship.

  • Help Center - We act as a resource for those times when a question on compliance occurs. You can contact us and we will provide expert advice on HIPAA, OSHA and Compliance issues at no extra charge.

  • Peace of Mind - We monitor these federal regulations, so you don’t have to. If we determine that an important change is coming, we will reach out to you to alert you and provide a solution for any updates that may be occurring.