Health insurance portability and Accountability Act (HIPAA)

Our Story...

In the early 2000's we quickly realized our contracting clients would be at financial risk if they had HIPAA violations resulting in penalties and fines. So we created a HIPAA Policies & Procedures Manual for physician practices. We've kept it updated (i.e. the HITECH update 2013) and we monitor for any significant changes. Our HIPAA online staff training has enjoyed huge success with over 12,000 online trainings thus far. It is entertaining, informative and the online format provides maximum convenience for the employee and time savings for the Practice Administrator.  

In 2015, another significant milestone was attained. We now have a co-sponsorship agreement with the Medical Group Management Association (MGMA).

Our HIPAA SOlutions

  • HIPAA Policies & Procedures Manual: Our Manual is available on our product page.
  • HIPAA Online Training: Call us (303) 586-9390 or email to: info@physicians-ally.com to have us help set you up for HIPAA online training via our portal


Jon J. Cram, M.D - Assistant Clinical Professor
University of Colorado School of Medicine

Summit Family Medicine, Inc. has used the services of Physicians' Ally, Inc. for several years. They have been most helpful in the navigating the ever-changing and confusing HIPAA waters. Their manual has been a wonderful resource for our office and staff. It is very easy to use and has been custom tailored to meet our needs.

All of our staff members have been through the online training for the last two years and found it invaluable. It is concise, to the point and even funny (who knew HIPAA could make you smile). When a new employee is hired, I can immediately set up the HIPAA training for them and know that I am being compliant and that the employee is ready to go.

I highly recommend their services. Using Physicians' Ally, Inc. has taken HIPAA off my plate. They are easy to reach and help me immediately whenever I have any questions or concerns.

Kim Saunders, PT, MSPT
Foothills Orthopedic & Sport Therapy, PC - Fort Collins, CO

For our small private practice, prioritizing patient privacy is no problem. Demonstrating compliance with HIPAA regulations is another story, however. Confusing, time-consuming, and downright frustrating come to mind. Working with Physicians’ Ally, Inc. has simplified the process for us. Better yet, at times the process was “almost fun”! The customer service we received was wonderful when adapting the product to our individual practice. Most importantly, we were confident our practices and manual were compliant with HIPAA. And now that it’s time to update, we are going with Physicians’ Ally, Inc. again.