Occupational Safety and health Adminstration (OSHA)

Our Story...

Many practices who previously purchased our HIPAA and Compliance products, asked us to create an OSHA program that would offer the same cost-effectiveness and time-efficiency. We completed the OSHA Manual and online training in 2014 with immediate uptake by our customers. Several customers tell us they are saving hundreds, in some cases thousands, of dollars versus OSHA programs offered by other vendors, particularly the sharps/medical waste vendors.  

Given the earlier success of our co-partnership agreements with MGMA on our HIPAA and Compliance products, it was a slam-dunk that both parties moved forward with OSHA. In late 2016, our OSHA Policies & Procedures Manual and online staff training became available via the MGMA online "store". They fully vetted our manual and our training program and realized that this would be a great addition to their online "store" serving their 33,000 members nationwide. The technology at the MGMA store now provides a Practice Administrator with the ability to create a customized OSHA Policies & Procedures Manual in under 5 minutes. 

The OSHA online training remains available from Physicians' Ally, Inc. or alternatively from the MGMA store. Both training sites are the same; the pricing structure differs slightly, so please call or email us to determine the optimum training path for your practice.

    Our OSHA SOlutions

    OSHA Online Training 
    You have two options for your OSHA online workforce training.

    • Call us (303) 586-9390 or email info@physicians-ally.com to have us help set you up for OSHA online training via our portal
    • Or you can click on the following link and it will take you directly to the MGMA store for your OSHA online training.

    The online training consists of three essential components:

    1. Each staff member views a 45-minute video in a flexible format. Simply moving the cursor allows the user to stop/repeat sections to allow for patient care interruptions.
    2. The video is followed by a 15-question exam. An 80% or greater is considered a passing grade; up to 3 attempts at the test are allowed.
    3. Following the exam, Certificates of Completion are generated in order to document the training.